Weekly Guild Meeting
Experience the organised chaos of a gnomish
meeting, every week at Steelgrill Depot, Dun Morogh

Next Monday Aug 20th 8:00 pm

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From the Eastern Kingdoms to far Kalimdor. From the frozen wastes of Northrend to the tropical jungles of Pandaria. Wherever there are those in need of help. Wherever there is injustice. You will find us... eating cake... or pie!

You see it's important to have a full stomach before rushing headlong into adventure, and if there's one thing we do a lot of, it's rushing headlong into the unknown, for we are The Gnomish Rescue Squad! Huzzah!

About Us

The Gnomish Rescue Squad and Special Service are World of Warcraft roleplaying guilds on the Argent Dawn EU realm. We are also a lovely bunch of people who like to play together both in Azeroth and other worlds.

To find out more about us, what we get up to, and whether you'd like to play with us, have a read of our forum and our faq or check out our moving snapograph orientation guide on the kinomatic projector below.

From daring rescues to amazing aerial adventures, it's all here in in this Gnoscar nominated Steven Spielbolt production. Hit play to find out all you need to know about the squad and how to find us.

Message From Our Squad Founder

And of course what would the squad be without the rallying call which started it all:

"Brother and sister Gnomes, I crave your indulgence for a short while.

For some while now I have travelled the lands, seeking new experience and broader horizons, but in one area I have become disappointed. Bad enough that we have lost our city, to become exiles in this world. Worse still that we are often looked upon with pity or amusement, regarded as children merely because we are short of stature. But for me what has become the most disappointing aspect of Gnomish existance is that so many of my brothers and sisters seem to have lost their sense of self and Gnomish Pride.

To this end I invite any and all Gnomes to join our clan the "Gnomish Rescue Squad".

I cannot offer great financial incentives for joining but what I do propose is greater yet, I offer you Pride. When tall ones are in trouble let there be Gnomes rescuing them. On the Battle Grounds let Gnomish Rescue Squad enclaves be havens.

For Gnomeregan and the Gnomes !!!

Frigga Yulesdottir."

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